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New Students

Enrolling New Students at Willmar Middle School


A parent or guardian must accompany new students to both the District Office and the school during this process.


  1. Go to our District Office building, the Willmar Education and Arts Center (WEAC), at 611 5th St. SW to enroll your son/daughter.  Please bring immunization records if possible.  For further information about the enrollment process at WEAC or to enroll online visit: /domain/1323
  2. Once you have filled out the paperwork at WEAC or online, come over to the Middle School and stop in the Main Office.
  3. The secretaries will gather some information and let a School Counselor know of your arrival.  You will then meet with one of the Counselors and they will give you an overview of the Middle School (classes offered, our school schedule, red/white day, lunch, and so on) and have you watch the iPad videos.
  4. The school nurse will check to make sure immunizations are up to date.
  5. After the meeting, a Counselor will create the student’s schedule.  The Counselor will then take the student to each of their classes and introduce them to their teachers and to help with their adjustment to the building.


Other helpful information:


Immunizations –Affiliated Community Medical Center(ACMC): Located at 101 Willmar Ave. SW.  Call (320) 231-5000.


Kandiyohi County Public Health Shot Clinic: 1st and 3rd Monday of every month (times vary and dates may vary due to holidays) Call (320) 231-7860 for more information.


Community Health Clinic: 1804 Trott Ave. SW.  Call (320) 214-7286 to make an appointment.


Bus Information – Willmar Bus Company: (320) 235-2110

                               Palmer Bus Company: (320) 382-6421


Sports/After School Activities offered –


/domain/1380  - Athletics

/domain/845 - Activities



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